To complete its operations management software for aerodromes and in order to better support its customers, Eforsair has developed in collaboration with airports, ANSPs and ATIS manufacturers a new module entirely dedicated to the “Runway Condition Report” (RCR).

Made with airport operators, the new Eforsair module is the easiest way to become ICAO GRF compliant. This feature allows easy, intuitive and complete editing of the RCR by those responsible for runway inspections, and then a standardised transmission of the report to the persons in charge of operations as well as to the Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs).

Produce and publish your RCR

A complete application

This new feature has been developed to assist the runway inspectors in RCR data collection. The data is entered into the module through standardised picklists and check boxes. Enter data in any language and transmit in English.

Easy to use

Data input is presented to the user in a logical order and the application contains all of the elements required for a complete RCR/SNOWTAM report.

Automated calculation of the condition code based on inputs

By entering, for each third of the runway, contaminant type, coverage rate and depth, the system automatically generates the correct Runway Condition Code (RWYCC).  Error checks are applied at each stage.  Plain language remarks contain formatting restrictions to allow for clean data transmission.  A state-approved CFME equipment input is allowed and an access to the list of AIREP in order to assist inspectors in their decision-making.

Situational awareness section allows inspectors to input additional information on any airfield restrictions/hazards for runways, taxiways and aprons.

Available to use on all devices

Laptop, tablet, smartphone…  Eforsair allows users to complete RCRs in the field for immediate online transmission and authorisation.

Share the RCR instantly

An indicator for every user

Other Eforsair users’ dashboard screens are immediately updated with the current RWYCC and alerted by a colour-coded system that varies according to the criticality of the runway status.

Send the RCR by e-mail

With a notification system it allows the RCR to be sent immediately by e-mail to responsible persons.

Link the RCR to an ANSP

The RCR may be transmitted in the correct format to Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) for direct integration and wider distribution. Eforsair is currently linked with one of Europe’s major ANSPs – DSNA (Direction des Services à la Navigation Aérienne). The data structure allows us to link with any ANSP through the provision of an application programming interface (API).

Historical data

Retrieve reports

RCR data is stored in the application in chronological order, ready for immediate retrieval. This data is stored for a minimum of 5 years on our secure servers. 

Download reports

The RCR data is also transposed onto a summary PDF and is also accessible in the history, ready to download and print if necessary.

The RCR element enhances a software package that already offers a large number of functionalities developed for airfield operational management: a digital logbook, airfield hazard management, shift management, CMMS and much more… Contact us for further information.