Eforsair: Le logiciel comprend les catégories de données suivantesThe software consists of the following categories for data

The software consists of the following
categories for data

  • Users
  • Airfield category
  • Airfield status
  • Actions
  • Incidents
  • Airfield Hazard Management
  • Issue of instructions
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Issue of work schedules
  • Scheduled tasks
  • Inventory
  • Anomalies
  • Documents
  • Equipment
  • Contacts
  • Notifications of events
  • Staff on duty
  • Vehicle availability
  • Equipment availability
  • Consumables used
  • General entries
  • User-defined entries
Eforsair-What information is stored ?

What information is stored ?

  • All inputs are stored for airport authority use and for regulatory purposes
  • Regulatory and administrative documents
  • Staff rosters and individual training records
  • Equipment history, inventory, maintenance and anomalie
  • Contacts
  • Every recorded action or intervention with full details
  • All Hazard Management data
  • Every change of airport state
  • Stock levels of consumables with re-order reminders
  • Instructions received
  • Work orders
  • Historical changes
  • All other user-defined inputs
Eforsair-The main dashboard shows

The main Dashboard shows

  • The Dashboard shows what is happening in real time :
  • Automated notifications to key personnel for each event start and end.
  • Full tracking of Anomalies and Instructions
  • Log on to the Dashboard to :
  • See what is happening in real time.
  • Sign on and add a comment or an action to the event (permissions required)
  • Current airfield status at a glance
  • Actions in progress
  • KPI’s at a glance
  • Historic log of every input into the system
  • People on duty
  • Availability of equipment
  • Work to do
  • Instructions to read
  • Documents to review
  • Anomalies outstanding
  • Maintenance outstanding
  • Current weather
  • Flightradar24
  • Statistics
eforsair-Who can access the information ?

Who can access the information ?

  • Administrators – full access rights
  • Users – defined access and limited to their role
  • Line Managers – defined access and limited to their role
  • Senior Managers – defined access and limited to their role
  • Directors – defined by their information needs
  • Managing Director - as defined
  • Regulators
  • Central Management for Multi Airports – as defined
  • System managers and administrators set the rules
Eforsair-Technical detains

Technical details

  • Cloud-based (SaaS: Software as a Service)
  • Remote and secure data backups – stored for five years minimum
  • Browser-based, therefore no software installation required
  • Latest version of the software in real-time
  • All data changes are recorded for security
  • Complies with audit regulations